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Get to know your machines with Brow Shop

November 16, 2018

Get to know your machines with Brow Shop Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo SPMU PMU

Are you a microblading artist and want to start offering your clients a more extensive range of procedures?

Are you new to machine tattooing and are not sure which one is best for you? Are you looking at starting conventional tattooing?

Are you just curious about what machines we stock here at Brow Shop?

No matter what question you came here to ask I am here to answer it for you <3

Right off the bat I want to answer our most frequently asked question regarding machines….

“Can I come in to try out a machine?”

Unfortunately, no :( We currently do not have a shopfront and are only an online store, so we are not able to offer this service at this time, we will keep you in the loop if this changes!

NOW, let’s get into the different machines and what they are best for!

Starting off at entry level, the Bella Dragon Rotary Machine!

This rotary cosmetic tattoo machine is most ideal for students, beginners, practice pad work, getting used to using a machine opposed to microblades and as a backup machine incase of emergencies. These machines utilise fully disposable components and accessories to create a safe and hygienic work environment, they are manufactured in Taiwan by Bella Co. and are a genuine product (as is every other product we stock!!). The output frequency (speed of the needle) can be adjusted on the machine itself or by plugging in a foot pedal. All together this is a super handy little machine and is available for purchase HERE!

Next on our machine journey is the...

Brow Shop EXY Digital Cosmetic Tattoo Machine

Firstly, The EXY is a Brow Shop exclusive, so you KNOW it’s going to be great! It’s a fully digital, lightweight high grade aluminium machine with a beautiful matte black finish. This super sleek babe accepts 8 different cartridges including nano cartridges, shaders and flat cartridges making it perfect for all cosmetic tattooing procedures. The needle depth is fully adjustable from zero to 3 mm and is capable of running at 9 speeds, from slow speeds for ombre and powder effects to higher speeds for nano and line work, all with a digital speed indicator on the upper portion of the machine. The EXY has been manufactured in South Korea since 2014, and is still a fully Korean-manufactured machine that is an amazing addition to any artists bag of tools! To purchase the EXY click HERE!

Our next machine is the Creme De La Creme of machines…

The Spektra Xion S!


What makes this machine such a sought-after revolutionary machine in the world of cosmetic tattooing procedures? WELL, let me tell you! The Spektra Xion S is a rotary pen-style cosmetic tattoo machine that has been manufactured and tested in association with some of the most esteemed artists in the world. Compact and sturdy, this powerhouse is specially designed to allow artists utmost control with a seamless, telescopic grip, featuring a slim design for cosmetic artists. Its “one-turn” dial allows for convenient needle give adjustment from soft to hard, enabling you to perform a variety of techniques! It is able to accomplish any cosmetic procedure from brows to lips to areola restorations and beyond; it can also be used for standard tattooing procedures. This phenomenal machine comes in two colours… PINK (obviously a favourite) and Graphite. Not only do we stock the machines individually, but we also have created a professional kit with all the accessories you need to take your practice to the next level! To purchase the Pink kit click HERE and the Graphite HERE.

We also stock The Spektra Xion in Black/Ruby, Stealth Black and Cosmic Storm colours. The only difference between this machine and the Xion S is that the S has shorter strokes and a slim grip that has been specifically designed for permanent makeup; making the Spektra Xion more suitable for conventional tattoo artists rather than cosmetic! Purchase the Spektra Xion HERE!

Last but definitely not least...

The Bellar!

The Bellar is expertly designed in conjunction with artists and engineers to create the perfect union of form and functionality. Crafted from medical grade components, and assembled and tested one at a time by Microbeau’s expert in-house technicians to ensure flawless performance, its slim and light design, weighing only 67g (compared to the Spektra Xion S at 134g), allows a comfortable grip regardless of the procedure’s length! The Bellar has a powerful compact Motor system that is specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation and a precise stroke length of 1.7mm.Microbeau International pioneers advancements that cater to the most competitive solutions, by creating new standards and shaping the evolution of the micro-pigmentation industry and this machine is no exception. Available on it’s own in either Black or SilverHERE or in a Core KitHERE, the Bellar will exceed your expectations!


Hopefully this has shed some light on the world of cosmetic tattooing machines available here at Brow Shop and as always if you have any extra questions don’t hesitate to flick us a message!!

Is there a machine you think we should stock at Brow Shop? Let us know what machine you are looking for by sending an email to support@browshop.com.au and we can check it out!


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