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Summer Aftercare

January 31, 2019

Summer Aftercare Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo SPMU PMU

With summer in full swing here in Australia,your clients are going to be heading out into the sunshine and probably not putting a lot of thought into protecting their new (or old for that matter) cosmetic tattoos.

Everyone loves to advertise cosmetic tattooing as being ‘summer ready’ which is amazing!! But you need to make sure you’re informing your clients of how damaging the sun can be to cosmetic tattoos without the proper care.

Your aftercare information should already include keeping a fresh cosmetic tattoo dry while it’s healing. This includes avoiding heavy exercise, swimming and putting their face in the water. But do you mention that in the first month after being tattooed they should avoid any water that could contain microorganisms (lakes, dams, seawater, pools, spas etc)? This is so important as even though the scabbing has stopped, the area isn’t healed and it’s still possible to get an infection.

We also recommend discussing long-term aftercare with your clients, especially leading up to the warmer months. Factors such as sun exposure, some skin creams and lotions and exfoliating treatments can all affect how long your clients SPMU lasts.

Advise your clients to wear a moisturiser with sunscreen in it every day! If they have a lip blush, wear a lip balm with sunscreen in it. Clients should be avoiding sunbathing all together, but if they do plan on spending a lot of time in the sun, they should be making sure they reapply sunscreen regularly and moisturise at bedtime. It also helps if their face isn’t washed with HOT water, warm water is less damaging to your skin.

This does all seem like common sense, but remember, your clients may never have had a tattoo before or been told that certain things can affect their SPMU. It’s better to be safe than sorry and make sure you’re covering all your bases so they can maintain your work that you spent so long perfecting!

- LJ


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