Ever After

If you are looking for a new pigment and are considering our products let us tell you why Ever After Pigments is for you.

Our pigments have gone through years of medical testing prior to being launched for public use. We conducted years of research working with nipple areola complex reconstructions done on radiated and traumatized skin of breast cancer patients. Only when our pigments produced 100% satisfactory results were we confident that they would perform to our high standards on any skin type.

Ever After Pigments started as a product intended for machine use but has since been adopted by the microblading industry producing fantastic results. The colour retention and longevity is unparalleled, resulting in a much more predictable healed results and less frequent need for touch ups that can ultimately over traumatise the skin.

Pigment Retention = Customer Retention

Ever After Pigments team takes great pride in its products, always looking to improve and innovate. As the tattoo and PMU industry grows and evolves we strive to stay one step ahead. Our team, consisting of seasoned professionals in the field of permanent make up, body tattooing, chemistry and medicine, is always working on bettering our brand and our product.

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