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Jody Stoski

 Paramedical Tattoo Academy

Jody is an AM Certified artist with more than 15 tattoo and makeup artistry course certifications, and over 13 years of experience in the cosmetic and paramedical tattoo industry. After identifying an under-served community of clients, and a gap in paramedical training available, Jody created her own online academy courses to help PMU artists learn new skills, grow their businesses, and facilitate healing across the globe.
Jody Stoski has worked with doctors, surgeons, cancer survivors, self-harm survivors, burn victims, and everyday men and women, treating over 10,000 clients to date.  From camouflaging surgical scars, skin grafts, acne scars, and stretch marks, to tattooing realistic areola’s and nipples – Jody will teach you to support healing after trauma, and to help your clients look and feel their best.
Students in the Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy will refine their tattooing skills to offer scar, burn, skin graft, and stretch mark camouflage. They’ll learn how to use their tattoo machines for microneedling to soften and resurface scars, including acne scars, as well as wrinkles. They’ll even learn how to turn radiation markers into freckles. The mission of Jody’s newest course was to uncomplicate the areola in a simple 4-step process that could be applied to breast tissue after mastectomies, tramflap surgeries, implants, for men, women, trans, and non-binary clients to get the areolas they’ve always wanted.