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Lash Cleansing Brush With Crystal Handle - Pink

This lash cleansing brush has soft bristles enabling you to access the base of the lash line and effectively remove makeup, build-up or oils. It can also be used to clean eyebrows.

These glitter handle brushes can be used as a part of many brow and beauty services!


  • Use for pre-procedure shampooing to remove makeup, oils, etc. 
  • Used to apply aftercare product at home for your clients. 
  • A super cute addition to any client aftercare or take-home package. 
  • Perfect for retailing to clients in your salon.


  • Use to clean your client’s lashes.
  • Great take-home brush for clients to use when shampooing their lashes in between appointments. 

Brow Henna: 

  • Excellent for pre-procedure shampooing.
  • Perfect for wetting and wiping dry henna at the end of each procedure.
  • Helps with te application of aftercare serum, brow balm, and colour extending oils. 
  • Perfect for adding into client aftercare (take-home) kits and even retailing to your customers with aftercare products in your salon.

Beauty Services:

  • Use this brush during facial services to clean, exfoliate and apply masks or serums. The larger size allows even applications of beauty products.  

PMU Services:

  • Also perfect for cleaning the skin in preparation for any PMU treatments: Brows, Eyes & Lips, designed with round mini bristles used to contour evenly.


Contains 1 x Lash Cleansing Brush - Pink.

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