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85% OFF ~ EXY Digital Machine Cartridge - 5 Slope Liner & Shader (Single)


These are cartridges for the Digital Cosmetic Tattoo Machine.

The EXY Fully-Digital Cosmetic Tattoo Machine has been manufactured in South Korea since 2014, and is still a fully Korean-manufactured machine.

The machine is capable of accepting 8 different cartridges including nano cartridges, shaders and flat cartridges. The complete needle description and pricing is detailed in the table below.

This machine has a lightweight high-grade aluminium construction with a matte black finish. It’s capable of running at 9 speeds, from slow speeds for ombre and powder effects to higher speeds for nano and line work, all with a digital speed indicator on the upper portion of the machine. The needle depth is also adjustable from 1mm to 4mm.

The EXY machine also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The factory will attempt to repair the machine first, and will replace the machine if it cannot be repaired.

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