C5.071.AMIC x 8pc

Amica Lashes Brush Set - 8pc

Amica Lashes' Audrey Сollection brushes are inspired by the beauty, elegance and grace of Audrey Hepburn, actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Their Vivien collection is inspired by the beauty, sophistication and grace of the actress of the golden age of Hollywood - Vivien Leigh.  

Now you can have them all in this comprehensive brush set!

Amica Brush Set Contains:
E1 Audrey Сollection Lifting SolutionBrush
E2 Audrey Сollection Fixing Solution Brush
E3 Audrey Collection Serum Brush
E4 Audrey Collection Lower Lashes Brush
N1 Audrey Collection Pigment Application Brush
N2 Audrey Collection Root Area Pigment Application Brush
Vivien 1 Solution Application & Removal Brush
Vivien 2 Tinting Brush

Handmade in Russia. 

Brushes are also available for separate purchase.

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