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Bella Dragon Rotary Machine (Genuine BM8 Kit)

The Bella Dragon BM8 Rotary Cosmetic Tattoo Machine is one of the most popular, precise and stable machines available for it’s price range. This time-tested machine is designed for use in eyebrows, lips, standard body art and eyeliner.

This machine is ideal for students, as a back up machine, for practice pad work and as a more cost-effective alternative to a digital machine.

These capable and reliable machines are manufactured in Taiwan by Bella Co. and are a genuine product, just like every product on Brow Shop. They’re capable of performing the full range of cosmetic tattoo procedures and utilise fully-disposable components and accessories to create a safe and hygienic procedure environment. The output frequency (speed of the needle) can be adjusted on the machine itself or by plugging in a foot pedal.

These Bella Dragon BM8 machines are some of the best rotary cosmetic tattoo machines available today and they are genuine.

Each kit contains:

  • Gold-trimmed storage box with magnetic clasp
  • Variable speed Bella Dragon BM8 rotary cosmetic tattoo machine
  • Australian power adapter 
  • 2 x Extra disposable sleeves
  • 2 x Extra disposable machine casings
  • 1 x Instruction manual


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