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BrowXenna - Henna Essentials Set - 8 Bottles (10ml)

The Henna Essentials Kit contains 8 x 10ml bottles of the most popular tones in the BrowXenna range:

The Blondes

  • Blond #1 Pearl Blonde is the lightest shade in the Brow Henna range. It’s best suited for people with extremely white skin tones and gives a remarkably natural shade of blonde. 
  • Blonde #2 Light Blonde is a deeper blond, but still light enough for very fair clients. 
  • Blonde #3 Light Chestnut is one of the more popular blonde shades, it has a bit more warmth and creates a slight skin stain. It’s recommended for blondes with honey, golden and even red hair tones.

The Brunettes

  • Brunette #1 Neutral Brown is for redheads, dark blondes or those who want a more subtle look. It’s perfect for colouring thinner brows. 
  • Brunette #2 Cold Coffee is a medium, reddish brown with a neutral cold-coffee shade, it’s suitable for most clients.
  • Brunette #3 Rich Taupe suits darker clients, bright brunettes or those wanting a visible stain.


  • Amber Concentrate is a modifier that can be added to any colour to give warmth, soften the colour and to fill white hairs.
  • Graphite Concentrate is a modifier that can be added to any colour to cool it down or make it darker.

About BrowXenna: 

BrowXenna by Irina Levchuk (AKA Brow Henna) is a vegan dye made from henna, an ancient plant that has a rich history of being used for cosmetic colouring purposes spanning thousands of years. Today, BrowXenna is a best seller for eyebrow colouring as it not only boasts vivid and rich colour, but also offers unique health benefits by helping to restore weak and damaged hair follicles. 

BrowXenna penetrates the shaft of the hair follicle and tints the skin leaving luscious, long-lasting colour, similar to a permanent makeup effect but without unwanted reddish tones. BrowXenna is mostly made up of plant-based ingredients that encourage the vitality of hair follicles while reinvigorating the eyebrow’s natural shape.

BrowXenna’s extensive range of colours includes 10 universal shades and 2 modifiers that can be used individually, or in combination with each other allowing you to find the perfect custom blend for any skin type or hair colour. Rest assured, due to the incredibly durable nature of BrowXenna’s ingredients, whatever hue you choose will last for up to 14 days on the skin and 6 weeks in hair. 

Please note: The amazing formula and brand for Brow Henna has not changed, however they have recently re-named as BrowXenna. If you see BrowXenna on your box, please feel rest assured that it is still the same amazing brand and formula you are used to!


No hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, special oxidisers or sealants are required! All that is needed is straight, clean water for the effortless application of BrowXenna. Simply mix the henna with  3-5 drops of water (at a 2:1 ratio) in a non-metal mixing container. After thoroughly mixing the solution, allow it to stand for approximately 1 minute and apply using a soft brush applicator. With one bottle lasting for up to 100 colourings, BrowXenna is perfect for professional or household use.

The manufacturer of this henna has stated "Our henna is vegan and does not contain ANY animal products."

Note: If the mineral content levels in your local water supply are too high it could affect the colour or consistency of your BrowXenna mixture. If this is the case, we recommend using Sterile Water, dIstilled water, filtered water or BrowXenna Mineral Solution. 


Though Henna can be used without training, we do recommend completing a course before applying Henna to yourself or others.

At Brow Shop we cannot recommend a colour to suit your skin tone and we take no responsibility if you choose the wrong colour or apply the Henna incorrectly. Henna cannot be returned or exchanged once opened unless proven faulty.

Please click here to read instructions on mixing and applying your Henna. 

MSDS files are available by clicking here. We have MSDS on all our liquid products. Please know that your safety is our first concern.

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