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Brow Shop Disposable Hand Tool - Sample Pack (6 pcs)

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Brow Shop disposable hand tools are pre-assembled, expert-level tools that simplify microblading procedures, improving ease and efficiency by avoiding the need to assemble the tool in any way. Each high quality microblade is permanently set at the perfect angle, calculated to achieve optimal pigment implantation and retention.

Each hand tool is individually sterilised using EO gas and has a protective cap for safe transportation, storage and disposal. These sleek, matte black handles have been designed by Brow Shop to have a pronounced curve and grip that seamlessly fits into any hand. This design offers incredible control so you can easily roll the tool in your fingers to achieve those defined strokes and perfect curves.

In this Sampler Pack, you'll receive one of every hand tool size in the range:

  • 9 Curve Flex
  • 12 Curve Flex
  • 14 Curve Flex
  • 14 Curve Hard
  • 16 U Flex
  • 18 U Hard

Each sample box comes with 6 individually sterilised hand tools that have been quality checked to meet Brow Shop standards. They are ~13 cm in length and individually weigh ~12g. 

These hand tools can be found individually here

A lot number and expiry date can be found on each hand tool.

This product is single use. Do not use if packaging is broken.

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