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Brow Shop - Machine Beginner Kit

The Brow Shop Machine Beginner Kit is a bulk buy initial start-up kit supplying everything you need (excluding anaesthesia) in order to complete tattoos for approximately 20 individual clients.

This kit has been meticulously curated by the team at Brow Shop to the highest quality standards, specifically to make getting started with machine brows easier than ever! It contains a range of high-quality products and includes exclusive pack sizes that can’t usually be purchased separately. Each product in the kit is stocked at Brow Shop and meets our quality standards, meaning that everything in your kit is from reputable suppliers and top-grade manufacturers.

We also offer customised student kits! Let us know your requirements here.

Note that this pack comes with gloves in black size medium. If you need these in a different size or colour, please leave a note with your order at the check out so we can swap it over for you.

What's included in the Brow Shop Machine Beginner Kit:

  • Bella Dragon BM8 Machine Kit
  • Bella Dragon Sleeves x 20
  • Bella Dragon 1 Prong Needles x 25
  • Bella Dragon 1 Prong Caps x 50
  • Bella Dragon 5 Prong Needles x 25
  • Bella Dragon Large Caps x 50
  • Hand Piece and Clip Cord Covers - Tube Sleeves (125 pcs) x 1
  • Black Face Masks x 20
  • Pigment Cup Rings - Medium x 20
  • Dental Bibs x 60
  • Cotton Tips - Black (200pcs) x 1
  • Barrier Tape/Film - Blue (1200 sheets) x 1
  • Sharps Container - 1.4 Litre x 1
  • SPMU Aftercare 15ml (Box of 24) x 1
  • Disposable Eyebrow & Face Razors (3 pcs) x 7
  • Micro Brushes - Black - Ultra Fine Extended (100 pcs) x 1
  • China Marker - Brown x 1
  • Black Nitrile Gloves - Medium x 100
  • Disposable Aprons x 20
  • White Hair Nets x 20
  • Measurement Calipers (White Plastic) x 1
  • Perma Blend Pigments Eyebrow Starter Kit (9 x 15mL bottled pigments)
    • Darkest Brown
    • Brunette
    • Fudge (Warm, dark brown)
    • Chocolate Kiss (Light, cool brown tone)
    • Forest Brown (Light brunette)
    • Mallard (Blondes or light brunettes)
    • Burnt Sienna (Warm golden brown)
    • Taupe (Blondes)
    • Tina's Gold Sunrise (Modifier)
  • Alcohol & Chlorhexidine Wipes x 200
  • Clinell Wipes x 200
  • Brow Shop Inkless Practice Pads x 2
  • Waterwipes Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes (60 wipes) x 2