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Brow Squad Brow Perfecting Wax

Brow Squad's Brow Perfecting Wax was specifically designed with brows in mind. It's infused with coconut essence and sensitive enough for application on the brow area, but will still get stubborn hairs out with ease! Minimal product usage is required as a thin application is all that's needed, leaving no residue and reducing brow waxing time without sacrificing results. It's suitable for other facial waxing too. 

Brow Squad Brow Perfecting Wax has a 12 month shelf life, is Australian owned/ made, vegan and isn't tested on animals.


Do not heat over 140 degrees (284F)
Please be aware heating temperatures vary between appliances. Never insert wax container into a wax heater set above medium. Wax will take approx. 25 minutes to melt at medium temperature.

For safe and faster heating time microwave jar, insert into wax heater set at ideal working temperature (of between 65C - 75C / 149F - 167F) & start waxing immediately.

Not adhering to this warning can possibly cause this jar to melt.

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