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D3.026.MM + D3.027.MM

BROWDADDY Framework Master Pencil (Black or Brown)

*Price is for 1 PIECE of the Predraw Master Pencil.

The pre-draw pencil you've all been waiting for!

This is not your typical brow pencil. Due to the large core size and extremely high pigmented formula, this pencil is designed to cut down your draw time immensely, and allow you to draw perfectly straight lines.

Each pencil measures a huge 17.5cm long and 1.9cm wide. Best of all - this pencil's core is designed to never break apart and to last for a very long time!

With this pencil, your pre-draw game will be on a whole new level.

Available in Black and Brown.

Sharpening razor included.

In the video below, you can see the technique used to sharpen these pencils. It can take some practice so be patient if this is new to you.

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