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BrowXenna - Foaming Brow Shampoo (30-100mL)

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BrowXenna Foaming Shampoo for Eyebrows is a soft shampoo used to cleanse delicate areas like the eyebrows and eyelashes. This shampoo gently degreases and eliminates keratinized skin particles, which helps the henna stick better on the skin.

Contains natural aloe juice to help moisturise the skin while also stimulating and strengthening the hairs.

Does not contain artificial ingredients and will not dry the eyelids. Suitable for daily at-home care of coloured eyelashes and extensions. 


About BrowXenna (full collection): 

BrowXenna by Irina Levchuk (FKA Brow Henna) is a vegan dye made from henna, an ancient plant that has a rich history of being used for cosmetic colouring purposes, spanning thousands of years. BrowXenna boasts vivid and rich colour, but is also designed to offer unique health benefits by restoring weak and damaged hair follicles. 

BrowXenna is designed to penetrate the shaft of the hair follicle, and tint the skin, leaving a luscious, long-lasting colour, similar to a permanent makeup effect but without unwanted reddish tones.

BrowXenna’s extensive range of colours includes many universal shades and 2 modifiers that can be used individually, or in combination with each other, allowing you to find the perfect custom blend for any skin type or hair colour. Due to the incredibly durable nature of BrowXenna’s ingredients, whatever hue you choose is designed to last for up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks in hair. 



    Though Henna can be used without training, we do recommend completing a course before applying Henna to yourself or others.

    At Brow Shop we cannot recommend a colour to suit a skin tone, and we take no responsibility if you choose the wrong colour or apply the henna incorrectly. Henna cannot be returned or exchanged once opened unless proven faulty.

    MSDS files are available by clickinghere. Please know that your safety is our first concern.