BrowXenna Perfect Bleach Brows/Face Set

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Set contains:
  • BrowXenna® PERFECT BLEACH bleaching powder, 20 g;
  • BrowXenna® OXYGEN O2 Cream-activator 2.7%, 30 ml;
  • Measuring spoon.


  1. Clean the bleaching area with water and let it dry.

  2. Mix BrowXenna® OXYGEN O2 Cream-activator 2.7% with the PERFECT BLEACH bleaching powder in ratio 1:1 in a non-metallic container. Stir until smooth and leave the mixture for 30 seconds for all components to fully interact.

  3. Apply the paste so that it completely covers the hair from roots to ends. Soak the cream for no more than 10 minutes: 7-8 minutes — on light hairs, 9-10 minutes — on dark hairs.

    Check the bleaching process every 2-3 minutes.

  4. Thoroughly rinse the bleaching mixture from hair and skin with plenty of water.

  5. Blot the hairs with a dry cloth.

  6. Tint the eyebrows with dye If necessary.

  7. Apply a moisturising lotion or cream to the skin after bleaching the face and body hair.