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CLEARANCE ~ PINK Disposable Hand Tool - 5 Round Shader

This hand tool has been put on clearance to make room for new lines. These hand tools are fitted with 5 Round Shader Needles.

All in one microblading pens like this one can make every procedure much simpler. They come with microblades already inserted into the handle and the entire product is sterilised. These come in a few different sizes, depending on your need and preference, but all come as straight handles with a finger grip for more control. They weigh ~7g and are about 135mm long. 

These handles contain a 5 pin round shading needleShaders like this one are used to create a fog, shadow or powder look when microblading eyebrows.

Each microblading pen comes with a lid or cap to prevent bending of the needles during transport.

Single use only. Do not use if package is broken. These microblades come with a batch number and expiry date. 

In the video below you can see how Tina Davies uses a stippling method to fill the gaps between between lines. You can skip to 6:25 to see this in action:

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