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CLEARANCE ~ Golden Mean Calipers

These golden mean calipers have four arms. They are on clearance because they are not stocked on Brow Shop. The design may differ from the image slightly.

The Golden Ratio:
The Golden Ratio appears frequently in the aesthetics of nature and is the mathematical ratio responsible for much of why we find things pleasing to look at. The Golden Ratio can be found in the petals, leaves and branches of plants, the geometry of crystals, and the dimensions of the face.

 Golden Ratio Face

Golden Mean Calipers like this one are used to check and measure the eyebrows so that the dimensions of the eyebrows are aesthetically perfect. It allows you to create an eyebrow that is perfectly proportioned to your clients' face.

You can check out an example of how you can use golden mean calipers for microblading in the video below:

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