CLEARANCE ~ No-sharpen Eyebrow Pencil (choose your colour)

These items are on clearance as they are not part of our regular product offering. 

These eyebrow pencils use a pull-sharpen system, meaning no sharpener is necessary, minimising cross contamination. To sharpen these pencils to a perfect point, use a (disposable) razor. They are the standard used in the cosmetic tattoo, microblading, PMU & SPMU industry and are used for sketching and resketching a perfect eyebrow frame that's clear and distinct. This pencils are also called dermatograph pencils.


Other pencil colours and markers can be found here.

Eyebrow Pencil Sharpening Razors can be found here.

A pencil and razor pack can be found here.

In the video below, you can see the technique used to sharpen these pencils. It can take some practice so be patient if this is new to you.

Other pencil colours and markers can be found here.

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