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Client Brow Healing & Aftercare Cards (25 pack)

These adorable Brow Aftercare cards were created with you and your clients in mind! These cards are endearingly cute and will give your clients an idea of how their brows heal AND how to best care for them! Let us help you with your client aftercare! 

Available to purchase in packs of 25 each or in bundles of 50 (25 Brow healing cards & 25 Lip healing cards)

Front Side of Card: Healing Stages of Your New Brows!

The cutest cartoon babe walks your clients through the various stages of their healing brows for the first 30 days of healing, normalizing what they are experiencing AND giving them a giggle!

Back Side of Card: Brow Aftercare

Sourced from Permanent Makeup artists around the world, our team compiled the 8 MOST important and popular best-practice Do's & Don'ts for optimal post care and healed results with these preciously illustrated tips!


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