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Selfie Halo Light Mini - white

The clip-on LED ring light is a portable and professional lighting solution. It measures 8.5cm in diameter and has 36 individual LEDs with 3 brightness levels that do not flicker. This allows for an even spread of light that serves as the perfect illumination for beauty, make up and portraits. 

The light has a universal clip, making it simple to attach to your smartphone and phone devices, laptop or tablet. It also has a colour temperature of 5400k which mimics sunlight and helps you to obtain higher quality images and videos when natural light is not available. Simply clip your light onto your device, press the power button to turn on, then tap again to switch between brightness levels.

  • Setting 1: Dim
  • Setting 2: Normal brightness
  • Setting 3: Super bright
  • Setting 4: Off

The clip-on LED ring light is perfect for cosmetic tattoo artists, make up artists, beauty therapists, hair stylists and for flat lay photography and taking selfies

Each clip-on LED ring light requires 2 x AAA batteries, which for environmental reasons are not included. We recommend using rechargeable batteries with your clip-on LED ring light.

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