Acupoint Curved Magnum - Choose Type (20pcs)

Curved Magnum

Recommended Use:Blending, shading and colour packing.

AcuPoint® Needle Features:

  • Universal Fit Compatible with machines such as Xion S, Bellar, Rook Quill, Mast, Valhalla etc
  • Safety Membrane Full safety membrane to prevent backflow and contamination of machine
  • Needle Code Custom designed needle coding developed with PMU Artists in mind
  • Acupuncture Tip Pinecone / Bullet shaped tip for minimal trauma
  • Multiple Diameters Available diameters are 0.25 and 0.30

The Curved Magnum from the AcuPoint® range consists of multiple textured acupuncture needles layered in a woven formation. The needles are soldered into an arched shape for minimal trauma and to best conform with the contours of the skin. When using larger configurations there is naturally more resistance from the skin, for this reason, our AcuPoint® Curved Magnum is created using textured acupuncture needles which are accurately spaces apart. The textured surface increases the surface area of the needles to ensure as much pigment is implanted with as minimal trauma possible whereas the spacing of the needles reduces the risk of oversaturating the skin with a larger needle grouping.

Please enrol in our FREE online course ‘AcuPoint® & MicroPoint® Know Our Needles’ for an in-depth breakdown of our needle code.

AcuPoint® Acupuncture Cartridge System:

AcuPoint® Acupuncture Cartridge System has been developed by Leah Richardson – The Cosmetic Tattooist, founder and co-owner of Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies.

Each AcuPoint® needle cartridge is built using only acupuncture needles which are known as the ‘painless needle’ due to the minimal trauma and pain caused by needle insertion. Acupuncture needle tips do not taper to a sharp point like a pencil or traditional tattoo needle, but instead have a rounded profile likened to a pinecone or bullet tip. This is less traumatic, pushing the fibrous tissues apart with each puncture to the skin as opposed to cutting through them.

The AcuPoint® range is further diversified by offering both textured and polished acupuncture needles for specific configurations to create more versatility and offer the middle ground between a true acupuncture needle and a traditional polished tattoo needle.