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CLEARANCE ~ Artyst EYES CORRECTIVE Pigment Khaki 01 10ml

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Khaki 01 is a muted light green colour tone corrector for eyebrows. It is suitable for correcting pink to red eyebrow pigmentation. For light to dark blonde hair.

All colors:

  • are developed by internationally renowned artists. There are no limits to your creativity.
  • are sterilized by gamma radiation
  • contain no preservatives
  • are tested in an external, accredited analytical laboratory
  • are provided with a seal of authenticity
  • meet and exceed the requirements of ResAP (2008)1
  • are vegan-friendly and developed without animal testing.

The selection of Artyst™ permanent makeup corrective colours for camouflage and cover ups have been selected to cover all your special needs.

Artyst™ has selected essential correction colours that will serve you well when correcting and retouching permanent makeup as well as for camouflage. 

With the help of the camouflage technique you can correct blurred edges of impurely worked beauty tattoos or carry out small optical corrections in the skin, such as the concealment of scars. The Artyst™ colour palette especially for corrections and camouflage is guaranteed to support you perfectly in your work and open additional treatment options.

Artyst™ micropigmentation colours are developed to achieve four main objectives: safety, vividness, long-term colour retention as well as workability. For you and your clients’, safety come first. 

For this reason, these pigments are specifically designed and developed in close collaboration with chemists and professional artists.

artyst ™ micropigmentation colours meet the highest quality and safety standards.