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Belmacil Lash & Brow Tint - Blue Black #2 (20g)

With a superior Swiss formulation and 10 luxurious colours to choose from, including Black, Blue Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Honey Brown, Graphite, Blue, Violet, Red and Green, you can create a look for each of your clients as individual as they are.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will also need the Belmacil Cream Oxydant for this tint to work. You can buy an Oxydant by clicking here

#2 - Blue Black: The class favourite by a mile!  The favourite amongst millions of clients throughout the world is the Belmacil No.2 Blue Black.  This colour will add even further depth than Belmacil No.1 black by adding a dark blue lustre to the lashes.  Perfect for wearing with blue eye makeup as it enhances the overall look of the eye area and it suits many skin types.  Lasts 6 – 8 weeks and no clumpy mascara needed! Belmacil No.2 blue-black gives you that little bit extra when it comes to eyelash tinting with the finest quality on the planet!