CLEARANCE ~ Assorted Spoolie/Doe Foot/Microbrush - Multi-Coloured

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This product is on clearance as it is not part of our usual product range.

Each product contains an assortment of clours picked at random. Please expect these to differ from the pictures provided, these pictures are there for a guide only.

Doe Foot - 

These 'doe foot' lip applicators are designed to provide smooth coverage of lip colour or gloss. Perfect for SPMU artists and makeup artists alike, these single use and disposable lip applicators are a sure way to keep your makeup kit sanitary while applying makeup or treatments on your clients. 

With a brush length of approximately 9cm, they are the perfect length for functionality and convenience and a great addition for any artist's kit. They're also useful when sending clients away with a small amount of lip stick or even aftercare.

Spoolie - 

Used for brushing brow hairs into place, or moving brow hairs aside to view microblade hair strokes. The brush heads are flexible and can be bent slightly as needed.

These come in a range of colours. If you don't see the colour you're looking for, let us know, we love suggestions.

Whole length: ~10cm

Brush/head length: ~2.6cm

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