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Elan 2-in-1 Toning Eyebrow Mask - 13 CHESTNUT (25ml)

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An eyebrow care mask with toning effect nourishes deeply, restores and thickens the eyebrow hairs. The mask is infused with the unique patented FiberHanceTM complex, which restores the eyebrow hairs from the inside out, strengthens and sets them in place.


  • it renews brightness and intensity of the eyebrow hair colour in between eyebrow tinting salon procedures;
  • it tones not only the eyebrow hairs, but also the skin (12 COCOA and 13 CHESTNUT)
  • the mask palette colours can be mixed in order to achieve the necessary colour.


  1. Apply a small amount of the product on the eyebrows and spread it evenly with a brush.
  2. The processing time is 5-15 minutes (depending on the desired eyebrow colour intensity).
  3. When the processing time is finished, remove the excess of the product with a cotton pad, moistened with water.
  • NOTE! If the achieved eyebrow colour appears to be very intense after toning, it is advisable to apply «ELAN professional line CLEANSING DETOX-MOUSSE FOR EYEBROWS & EYELASHES with antibacterial effect» on the eyebrows.
  • NOTE! If the skin around the eyebrows appears to be violet after toning, when using 11 AMETHYST mask, it is advisable to wipe the toned skin areas with a cotton pad, moistened with water. 
  1. It is recommended to use «ELAN professional line COLOUR FIX: colour fixing fluid for eyebrows and eyelashes with keratin and sunflower seed oil» for better results.

NOTE! It is recommended to use the product when necessary. The colour lasts up to 4 days after toning on the eyebrow hairs. 


It is necessary to do the allergy skin test before use: apply some product on the small area of the inner elbow skin 48 hours before using the product. If there is no redness, inflammation or rash, begin eyebrow toning. The eyebrow mask contains COLOURANTS, see ingredients on the package. Wear suitable gloves. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes immediately if product comes into contact with them. In case of an allergic reaction consult a dermatologist.

25 ml 
Made in Ukraine

Expiration date: 24 months.
Period after opening (PAO): 3 months.

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