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Elan 'BROW FIXUP' Step 1 (Pump Bottle) - Brow Lamination Expert System 10ml

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10ml in a new convenient PUMP BOTTLE design.

Step 1 is the solution used for the FIRST part of the eyebrow lamination procedure. This product softens the hair cuticle, thus opening the cuticle scales and penetrating carefully into the hairs. The mild formula of the solution ensures the perfect eyebrow hair straightening providing the maximum protection of hair bonds.

Step 2 is the solution used for the SECOND part of the eyebrow lamination procedure. The ideal formulation of the product ensures the maximum interaction with Step 1 providing the expected result. 

How Step 1 works:

  • due to the mild alkalizer ethanolamine, which is one of the ingredients, the solution opens the cuticle scales and provides a softer effect on the hairs than traditional ammonium thioglycolate;
  • the innovative restructuring agent cysteamine hydrochloride remodels carefully disulfide bonds and sets the eyebrow hairs in place;
  • the nourishing keratin-based complex protects the protein structures of the eyebrow hairs during the lamination procedure, while urea, the component of the natural moisturizing factor, retains the necessary moisture and protects the hairs from dryness and damage.

NOTE! Over time Step 1 can have yellowish colour because of cysteamine hydrochloride peculiarities. The presence of sulfur odour is also acceptable. 

Expiration date: 24 months.
Period after opening (PAO): 2 months.

Volume : 10ml

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