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Masoumeh Brow Artistry - ONLINE COURSE Ombre & Microshading

Learn all the secrets to mastering Masoumeh's method to Ombre cosmetic brow tattoo and achieve flawlessly healed results that your client's will love!


Part 1 - Introduciton

  • Copyright
  • Executive Summary
  • Requirements

Part 2 - Welcome to MBA HD Brow Education

  • Hello from your instructor Masoumeh

Part 3 - Cosmetic Tattoo

  • What is Cosmetic Tattoo?
  • FAQs
  • Important Requirements

Part 4 - Skin Anatomy

  • Layers of the Skin
  • Functions of the Skin
  • Skin Types
  • Skin Tones

Part 5 - Colours & Pigments

  • Colour Theory
  • Pigment Theory
  • Masoumeh's Go-To Pigments

Part 6 - Safety Comes First

  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Infection Control

Part 7 - Consultation

  • 8 Steps of Ombre (VIDEO)
  • Client Consultation
  • Completion of Consultation
  • Client Consent Sample

Part 8 - Contraindications

  • Total Contraindications
  • Medical Contraindications
  • Relative Contraindications
  • Masoumeh's Advice to You

Part 9 - Pre-Draw & Measuring

  • The Pre-Draw
  • Pre-Draw Setup (VIDEO)
  • How to Sharpen Your Pencil (VIDEO)
  • Best Before Angles (VIDEO)
  • Pre-Draw with Masoumeh (VIDEO)
  • Your Pre-Draw Must Look Sharp! (VIDEO)
  • How to Use Concealer (VIDEO)

Part 10 - Needle Selection

  • Get Familiar with your Needles

Part 11 - The Ombre Procedure

  • Ombre Procedure
  • Procedure Setup (VIDEO)
  • How to Position Your Body
  • Left Brow Outline (VIDEO)
  • Right Brow Outline (VIDEO)
  • Left Brow Shading (VIDEO)
  • Right Brow Shading (VIDEO)

Part 12 - Machine Speed, Grip, Depth

  • The Correct Way to Hold Your Machine (VIDEO)
  • Speed
  • Needle Depth

Part 13 - Skin Stretching

  • Skin Stretch

Part 14 - Practice With Me

  • Practice with me Setup (VIDEO)
  • How to Set Up Your Machine Correctly (VIDEO)
  • Practice Outline With Me (VIDEO)
  • It's Your Turn! Outline
  • Practice Shading with me (VIDEO)
  • It's Your Turn! Shading

Part 15 - Numbing Regulations

  • Primary Anaesthetic
  • Secondary Anaesthetic

Part 16 - Creating Content

  • Best Angles Only! (VIDEO)
  • Editing Apps
  • Social Media

Part 17 - Aftercare

  • Aftercare Advise

Part 18 - Colour Correction

  • Colour Correction or Removal

Part 19 - Let's Get Practical

  • Thank you from your instructor Masoumeh (VIDEO)
  • It's Your Turn - Pre-Draw
  • It's Your Turn - Ombre

Part 20 - Your Feedback

  • Your Feedback is Important

Part 21 - Ombre Essentials

  • Your Suppliers List

Benefits of MBA Online Education:

Anytime, anywhereLearn at your own pace from anywhere in the world with any of our MBA online courses for up to 90 days.

Lifetime SupportNot only will you receive mentoring for the duration of your course, but after completion you can reach out to Masoumeh & her team for support and advice at any time.

Live DemonstrationsWatch Masoumeh perform the entire procedure up close and personal with High Definition video's that are available in each course.

Earn More MoneyMasoumeh’s signature brow methods allow you to service clients of all skin types and earn a six figure income of your own.


? I'm a beginner, is this course suitable for me :
Yes! This course has been fine tuned for you all. It is detailed enough for beginner artists, and it depth enough for advanced artists who want to learn Masoumeh's signature method.

? Why should I choose your online training platform :
The beauty of MBA Online Training is the flexibility of completing your course at your own pace. Your access to the online portal allows you to login in at any time that suits you and watch all video demonstrations as many times as you want. You will have complete access to our online training programme for 90 days.

? Is this an investment worth making :
With practice and dedication, your first 4-8 clients can cover the cost of this course. This prestige service will have you easily earning a 6 figure salary in your first year!

? Do I need a kit for this course :
You will need a machine, cartridges, pigments and a practice mat. If you do not have any of these please contact us at support@browshop.com.au for assistance. 

? Will I receive a certificate :
You must complete all of your course modules and assessments to receive your Masoumeh Brow Education Certification upon completion.

? Will I receive ongoing support :
All graduates receive ongoing support through our Instagram page by direct message. This gives our students the ability to privately ask questions and request feedback on their technique to become the best in the league.