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Oink Tattoo Skin - Fitzpatrick Five

Created out of a custom blend of silicones, additives and colourants, Oink® Tattoo Skin has gone through vigorous testing and development to ensure the highest quality and most realistic performance. Oink® Tattoo Skin stretches just like the real thing, making depth control easier with visible blow outs and a true skin-like needle resistance.

Unlike other practice skins on the market, Oink® Tattoo Skin saturates just like the real thing. Ink doesn’t fly in unrealistically easily but also isn’t a battle to implant. Just like a real client, hairstrokes need additional passes and pixels need building in layers.

Oink® Tattoo Skin not only offers a realistic tattooing experience, but it offers this on realistic skin tones. Custom colourant blends have been used to create 6 different skin tones based on the Fitzpatrick skin scale, allowing artists to diversify their practice to represent a realistic and diverse client base.

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 0.2cm

Colours may differ depending on the computer monitor and display settings you're using.