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Panemorfi 24K Gold Eye Masks

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Give some life to your tired eyes with a quick burst of hydration with our Charcoal and Gold infused Eye Masks. This luxury treatment combats dehydrated and puffy eyes, brightens dark circles, and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst firming and maintaining elasticity. These moisture drenched masks are a must have for a fresh feel or even for a quick fix before any event.

Use the spatula (included) to gently lift and separate one delicate gel patch at a time. Apply to a clean, dry under-eye area on both sides. Relax and enjoy for 10-15 minutes, then discard after removing gently and patting remaining serum into skin.

Contains 30 pairs. 


Nourishing, Firming, Brightening.


Water, Glycerin, Colloidal Gold, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Caffeine, Niacinamide, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Jania Rubens Extract, Adenosine, Phenoxyethanol, Gold, Bamboo Charcoal.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Please seal in time after use.

Panemorfi products are Australian owned and full of nourishing vegan friendly ingredients imported from different parts of Asia-Pacific. 

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