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Disposable Face Mask - White (50 pcs)

Black face masks can be found here.

A free sample of this product can be found here.

Most face masks are just a piece of cloth in front of your face. Some even contain fibreglass! Ours have been tested to filter out over 98% of bacteria and other particles, and they even have more breathing room! These masks are manufactured with zero direct skin contact & the packaging is made from 80% post-consumer waste.

These white disposable face masks are latex-free and fibreglass-free and come in a dispenser box of 50. They have elastic ear loops/straps and a pliable aluminium nose band for comfort. Face masks come in many forms and most are quite thin and non-breathable. The face masks we stock at Brow Shop filter properly and don't create moisture build-up. They are approximately 18cm by 9.5cm and one size fits all.