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Dragonhawk Transparent Power Supply

This power supply must be used with a foot pedal.

The DragonHawk Transparent Tattoo Power Supply is a simple and effective, small footprint power supply.


  • User-friendly rotary control push knob to turn on/off, switch modes, and change voltage
  • LCD numbers & colour-changing voltage indicator
  • Two foot pedal modes - maintained or momentary (foot pedal not required to run) - Push knob once to switch between these modes
  • Weight : 221 grams
  • Output Voltage : 0v - 18v
  • Compatible with coil and rotary tattoo machines
  • Transparent acrylic housing
  • Australian power adapter included

Colour voltage reference chart (voltage is also displayed as a number):

  • 1.5-3v: dark blue
  • 3-5v: sky blue
  • 5-7v: green
  • 7-9v: rose
  • 9-11v: pink
  • 11-14v: yellow
  • 14-17v: red