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GLAMCOR - Classic Elite 2

If you’re looking for the best lighting solution in the world for cosmetic tattoo, this is it. The Classic Elite 2, with crisp 5,600K HD Daylight lighting, is the newest and best lighting kit made by GLAMCOR so far. 
The beautiful usable design of the original GLAMCOR lighting kits has been maintained, but the lighting system itself has been entirely redesigned to produce better performance. This new design has all new technology, producing a dramatically brighter, more stable, more responsive, and more professional light that we guarantee you’ll love.
You’ve probably heard already but the photographs you take under these lights will be perfect and gorgeous, showing the full colour of your work and making your client look as beautiful as possible.
GLAMCOR’s enhanced adjustable-brightness 5,600K LED, that was only available on their Ultra and Extreme model, is now the cornerstone of the Elite 2.
Don’t let your lighting put a damper on your work. And don’t treat your work like it’s anything less than art. 
This GLAMCOR product has an unconditional 1 year warranty for loss of functionality, parts or manufacturer's defect. After 1 year GLAMCOR will continue to warranty the product provided they have the parts to repair and/or replace. For any further warranty queries please contact GLAMCOR by accessing their contact page here
You can check out the set up and breakdown of the this light kit here:

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