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GLAMCOR - Classic Ultra

If you’re looking for one of the best lighting solutions in the world for cosmetic tattoo, this is it. The GLAMCOR Classic Ultra Lighting Kit is similar to the GLAMCOR Multimedia Extreme, but it doesn't have the attachment for the camera, phone, mirror and tablet.
Full temperature adjustability and remote control allows you to remotely change your flicker-free lighting from candlelight to daylight with super-smooth transitions (from 2,700k to 5,600k if you're really into lighting). This also allows you to take high quality images and video with perfect seamless lighting.
This model features a remote control, dimming, colour temperature adjustment, presets and memory. If you travel, you'll also love that this light doesn't need to cool down! When you're done, just pack it and go.
Each GLAMCOR Multimedia Extreme Lighting Kit contains:
  • The fully-adjustable light itself
  • Remote control (the light still has controls on the side, and can be turned on and off by pressing both dimming buttons at the same time)
  • Stable four-legged aluminium telescopic stand
  • Dual voltage power supply that fits an Australian power outlet
  • Carry bag with trolley sleeve
Don’t let your lighting put a damper on your work. And don’t treat your work like it’s anything less than art. 
This GLAMCOR product has an unconditional 1 year warranty for loss of functionality, parts or manufacturer's defect. After 1 year GLAMCOR will continue to warranty the product provided they have the parts to repair and/or replace. For any further warranty queries please contact GLAMCOR by accessing their contact page here
You can check out the set up and breakdown of the this light kit here:


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