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GLAMCOR - Riki Skinny - White

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The Riki Skinny is a super-bright mirror, utilising GLAMCOR technology to deliver performance never seen before in any lighted mirror in this size or class. This little piece of luxury gives you five stages of dimming for full control of the level of detail you want to see. Add the included magnifying mirror to get up close and personal with those brows and for detail work especially around the eyes. This mirror can be used for both you and your clients and offers a beautiful professional appearance to suit the most professional salons.
For taking selfies and videos, the Riki Skinny also boasts the included phone clip. Mount it to the mirror, pair your phone with the mirror using Bluetooth and press the camera button on the mirror with your thumb to take photos and video. You don't need to have your arm or finger in your perfect shot. This mirror is actually perfect for Facebook and Instagram live events!
With over two years of design work behind just the colour blend of the highest quality LEDs in the Riki Skinny, there is no better lighting colour for this application. For those that want the gory details, these have a rechargeable battery and measure 24 x 33 x 1cm.
Each Riki Skinny includes the following:
  • RIKI SKINNY lighted mirror
  • Adjustable stand
  • Magnetic phone clip
  • Magnetic 5x magnification mirror
  • Australian power supply for recharging internal battery
Don’t let your lighting put a damper on your work. And don’t treat your work like it’s anything less than art. 
This GLAMCOR product has an unconditional 1 year warranty for loss of functionality, parts or manufacturer's defect. After 1 year GLAMCOR will continue to warranty the product provided they have the parts to repair and/or replace. For any further warranty queries please contact GLAMCOR by accessing their contact page here

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