GLAMCOR - Universal Flat Base Stand

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This acrylic stand is designed to allow your GLAMCOR lamp to stand next to a bed or even under cabinets and other furniture.

This low profile stand is made from ("invisible") acrylic and measures 41cm x 31cm.
Don’t let your lighting put a damper on your work. And don’t treat your work like it’s anything less than art. 

All the GLAMCOR lights have the same connector, so you can even swap them around on the universal base if you like. You should be able to loosen the winder at the back of your GLAMCOR Light and remove it from it's metal stem. The top part that you remove from the stem will be what sits on the Universal Base, in exactly the same way as the stand or clamp that came with your GLAMCOR

Although this stand will work with all GLAMCOR models, it won't work with any other lights (yes, unfortunately that means the Spectrum Aurora range)

This GLAMCOR product has an unconditional 1 year warranty for loss of functionality, parts or manufacturer's defect. After 1 year GLAMCOR will continue to warranty the product provided they have the parts to repair and/or replace. For any further warranty queries please contact GLAMCOR by accessing their contact page here

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