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Handle for Large Round Needles - Gold (17-19 pin)

This microblading handle is designed to hold round needles between the sizes of 17 pin and 21 pin. Other handles that we stock will be more suitable for smaller round needles.

It can be difficult to secure microblades in handles with a grip or a bulb, because you have to get the microblade exactly lined up with the handle grip. If this isn't done properly, it can be uncomfortable and look awkward. This is where straight handles like this one come in. It doesn't matter how you tighten the microblade into the handle - it's still just as comfortable. 

If you prefer a simple straight handle and you're looking for something professional and affordable, this is the handle that we'd recommend. These handles are made from aluminium and they're a beautiful bright gold that shimmers under bright light. A photo can't really do it justice unfortunately.