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Mayamy BROW Lamination Compositions

Brow Lamination helps to achieve symmetry of eyebrows and the desired shape. The  procedure also helps recover and strengthen hairs, nourishing them with natural components. Following the correct procedure, lamination holds for up to 8-10 weeks! 

These solutions are for BROW LAMINATION only. 


These compositions are the same ones found in the Mayamy Long Term Brow Perm. This formula has been optimised for brow lamination, so if you are wanting to do lash lamination then we recommend that you choose the Lash Lamination Compositions here

There are three compositions in this category:

  • Brow Lift - step 1
  • Brow Sculpt - step 2
  • Brow Essence - step 3

Mayamy Brow Perm/Lamination Fixer 5ml can be found here.

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