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CLEARANCE - Mayamy Protein Reconstruction Mini Kit (Lashes & Brows)

Total reconstruction of damaged eyelashes and eyebrows with protein! Lifting, thickening, filling of damaged parts, restoration of the natural structure and deep moisturising of eyelashes – the result is noticeable after the first procedure.

This kit is used to help repair and reconstruct damaged brows and lashes. It also gives a deep conditioning treatment.

It’s great to use after lashes or brows have been damaged.

It will give a slight curve to the lashes but its purpose is not for lash lifting or brow perming.

It is brilliant at repairing damaged brows and lashes.

Included in this Mayamy Protein Reconstruction Kit:

  • Protein Reconstruction composition 1 Protein Lift (8ml)
  • Protein Reconstruction composition 2 Volume Building (8ml)
  • Composition 3 Silk Essense for eyelash and eyebrow (8ml)
  • Composition 4 EYELASH CLEANSER for eyelash and eyebrow (8ml)
  • Eyelash and eyebrow glue (5ml)
  • Applicator for eyelash lamination and reconstruction (1pc.)
  • Silicone pads S1 pair
  • Silicone pads M1 pair
  • Silicone pads L1 pair

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