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Tina Davies Harmony Microblades - 19 Shader (10 pcs)

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The 19 Shader is the newest addition to the Tina Davies Microblading range. Use this microblade to add extra definition, depth, and detail to your brow pattern and hair strokes, and achieve the perfect ombre brow. The 19 Shader uses 0.35mm gauge needles, set at a 30 degree angle for perfect pigment application and retention. 
Each box comes with 10 microblading units, and single blades are also available  here.
The Tina Davies Harmony microblade range comprise of some of the most perfectly designed and modern microblading solutions in the world. Each ultra-sharp disposable angled shader microblade is permanently set into an ergonomic handle with a textured rubber grip. Because each unit is individually packed and sterilised, the handle of every single microblade doubles as a sterile ruler for each individual client, that's long enough to measure the face from eyebrow tip to eyebrow tip. The manufacturing standard is high, meaning you don't need to worry about quality issues or manufacturing flaws. Each unit measures about 20cm in length and weighs a tiny 7.8 grams.
Each pack also comes with a postcard-sized black practice pad.
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