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Nikk Mole Wax Beads - Black 100g

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Introducing new high quality synthetic hardBrow Wax from NIKK MOLE, a new type of wax specifically designed for facial waxing. With a gel-like consistency, effortlessly contours and sculpts for precise waxing easily removing every single tiny hair without breaking off.

Extra Strong black wax for eyebrows and face.

Synthetic wax for depilation of eyebrows and face has a delicate texture, hardens easily and captures short hairs on uneven surfaces. Comfortable to use, avoids burns, hypoallergenic. Leaves no residue, ideal for sensitive skin. The wax ideally removes fluff without breaking off the hair, evenly, thinly applied, works in any direction. Among all eyebrow shaping procedures, eyebrow waxing takes one of the leading places. Eyebrow shaping with wax for depilation has been proven by many years of history and many satisfied women. This is not surprising, because wax allows you to capture even fine transparent hairs, leaving the skin truly smooth and delicate. In addition, waxing eyebrows requires a minimum of tools and time.

How to use: Apply warm wax to the skin with a spatula. Remove cured wax with a sharp motion. NIKK MOLE Hard synthetic wax works in any direction.


  • For precise facial waxing 
  • Perfect for brow waxing services
  • Gentle on skin 
  • Very elastic and delicate
  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Holographic shimmer
  • Gel-like consistency 
  • Amazing fragrance