PMU ReelSkin - Practice Skin Pad - A5

This is PMU Reelskin and although this product is made by Reelskin, it is different from their standard pads. These pads was designed to be thinner and are made specifically for PMU artists in order to be more consistent with the depths that we work with in Cosmetic Tattooing. 

PMU Reelskin feels and stretches like actual skin. The skin can be tattooed on both sides and is great for microblading or machine work. It is perfect for students or very advanced artists. It is said to be the most realistic in the world. You can see in the photo the transparency of this PMU Reelskin. 

Prices are for one sheet of Reelskin. 

Practice pads are essential when learning, practicing and training, but ReelSkin is the best of the best. ReelSkin is designed to have a similar feel to human skin (it's actually a little creepy), allowing you to stretch the 'skin' while applying your tattoo. 

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