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Back-to-Business: Salon Safety Kit #1 - Extra Box of Masks Free!

For a limited time, with each box of blue face masks purchased, you'll receive one free! That's double for nothing, while stocks last.

This includes boxes of blue face masks in kits, such as this Back-to-Business Kit.

This is a strictly once-off event and we do not foresee ever repeating this deal again. We have put aside a set amount of stock, and this promotion will last until those stocks last. 

This kit contains three key products that are essential to keep you, your staff and your clients COVID SAFE. It contains:-

  • Face masks
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel 
  • Clinell Disinfectant Wipes 

Face Masks (50 masks)
These disposable, medical grade face masks (level 1) have elastic ear loops and a pliable aluminium nose band for comfort. They are approximately 18cm x 9.5cm and one size fits all. They are blue in colour and come in a box of 50 masks.

Hand Sanitiser Gel (500mL)
This alcohol based hand sanitiser gel (500mL) is 75% alcohol, gentle on the hands and is great for home, travel, outdoors and more. 

Clinell Disinfectant Wipes (200 sheets)
These wipes are hospital-grade and have been tested and proven by European Standards to kill at least 99.99% of germs, making them one of the most effective antimicrobial products available on the market. Each pack contains 200 disinfectant wipes that make cleaning surfaces simple and effective.

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