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RefectoCil - Brow Styling Strips

With RefectoCil Brow Styling strips it only takes 2 minutes to create perfectly shaped WOW Brows! Wow Brows make any look an eye-catcher. They frame faces, give them structure and reflect individual styles. Full brows are trendy but even they need to be brought into shape. Most of the time, eyebrows are plucked - a method that takes a lot of time and doesn't guarantee an ideal result. With RefectoCil Brow Styling Strips it only takes 2 minutes to create perfectly shaped WOW Brows:

  • Perfect brow shape in one step
  • Quick & easy application
  • Suited for any client
  • The patented and unique wax strips are suitable for any brow shapes
  • Perfect proportions:2/3 rising, 1/3 falling, provide an optical lifting effect
  • Shape and tint in 2 steps: When tinting simultaneously, the strips act as stencils
  • Troublesome hairs are removed at the root
  • 30 Applications per pack


  1. Separate the strips slowly. Now you have one for the right and one for the left eye.
  2. The side with ONE point is located at the beginning of the brow, above the nostril. Always position the strips horizontally.
  3. Press the strip on firmly and evenly, so that the wax connects with the hairs.
  4. When tinting at the same time the strips act as templates. Apply the desired RefectoCil tint as usual.
  5. After the application time remove the tint with a slightly moistened cotton wool pad. If the brows are tinted separately, it is imperative to tint before removing the hair to avoid irritations.
  6. Stretch the skin at the outer edge of the eyebrow, and quickly pull the strip against the direction of hair growth, towards the nose.
  7. Hair between and outside the brows can be removed with the additional strips.

TIP: Individual very short hairs may remain. They will have already been loosened by the wax and can easily be pulled out with tweezers.

[Product description and instructions were taken directly from the manufactuerer]

SDS files for the RefectoCil range can be found here.