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Spektra Xion S - Professional Kit - Pink/Graphite

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Brow Shop is an official distributor of FK Irons and Microbeau products.

Microbeau products come with a manufacturer's repair warranty. If something goes wrong with your machine, it will need to be shipped to the US for repair. Because this is a manufacturer's warranty, the warranty will be the same regardless of where you purchase the machine.

A team of product specialists & artists have worked together to curate the new Spektra Xion S Professional Kit - Pink. Featuring a collection of machine accessories that are highly compatible & perfect for use with the Spektra Xion S, as well as the Spektra Xion S Rotary Machine itself - in a Limited Edition Pink, this kit contains everything you need to take your practice to the next level!

This professional kit contains some of the best equipment in the conventional & cosmetic tattoo industries, including highly regarded brands like Microbeau and Critical Tattoo.

The Spektra Xion S Kit - Pink contains the following products. For a more in-depth description of these products follow the respective link:

The Xion S comes with a 2.5mm stroke wheel installed, and an alternate 1.8mm stroke in the box, giving two options for stroke length.

The cartridges included use the Cheyenne system & are compatible with Cheyenne Hawk machines, EZ Grips & of course the Spektra Xion S. It is important to mention that the Spektra Xion S requires cartridges to have membranes. All cartridges stocked at Brow Shop have membranes and are perfect for the Spektra Xion S.

Depending on the stock we have available the RCA cable may vary in appearance.

A user manual for this machine can be found here

FK Irons offers a 12 month manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. Please contact FK Irons directly with matters relating to discussing, fixing or replacing a broken Spektra Xion S by emailing service [at] fkirons [dot] com. As most problems can be resolved by email, without sending your machine anywhere, just give a detailed explanation of your machine issue and the service department should respond within 24 hours.

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