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Stratamed Film-forming Tattoo Aftercare (20g)

Stratamed Film-forming Tattoo Aftercare is designed to assist in the healing process after cosmetic tattoo procedures and to preserve and restore pigment colour in the skin. 

Stratamed is a sterilised self-drying gel, and creates a barrier between your newly created cosmetic tattoo, and the outside environment. This barrier creates the optimal environment for fast healing because it is designed to;

  • Reduce redness, itching, and discomfort
  • Reduce healing time
  • Prevent scarring and pigment loss

Stratamed is applied topically to the area and dries within 5-6 minutes. Once dry, the film hydrates and protects the skin. Importantly, Stratamed will not compromise the pigment of your tattoo, and only needs to be applied twice daily.

Best for:
Application for the first two days of the healing process. Any residue that's left shouldn't affect anything you do with the brows and it should only serve to protect them. It can last a lot longer than 2 days so it's worth leaving it on.

Eyeliner: Stratamed partially evaporates during the drying process, which may cause the eyes to temporarily sting. This stinging will cause no harm.

Lips: Stratamed may need to be applied more often on the lips.

This tattoo aftercare comes in 20g (10.7oz) tubes.

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