Surgical Marker Brush Transfer Pack (Marker & 50 brushes)

The ink in surgical pens is notoriously difficult to remove from the skin. A great way to solve this is to use the marker with a disposable brush! This method also allows you to reuse your marker because it never actually touches the client's face.

Hold the tip of your Viscot Marker and the tip of your disposable brush together to allow the ink to flow into the brush. Once the ink has transferred into the brush, you'll be able to use the brush to dot, draw and mark on the skin. When the ink runs out on the brush (although it should last a while), make sure to get a new brush to avoid cross-contamination.

Once you're ready to remove the ink there will be less on the skin and it should be easier to remove with an alcohol wipe, Magic Eraser or cleanser of your choice!

This pack contains:
1 x Viscot Marker
50 x disposable fine eyeliner/eyebrow brush

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