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Tattoo Goo Client Aftercare Pack (Vegan)

If you're servicing vegan clients, or you just prefer Tattoo Goo as your chosen aftercare, you'll also need something to put it in so your clients can take it with them. In this pack you'll get 1 tube of ~60ml Tattoo Goo, and 40 x 5ml aftercare jars. All you need to do is fill up the jars so they're ready to go when your client's procedure is finished. They have enough aftercare to last their healing time, and the presentation looks amazing. Ensure that the lid of each jar is screwed on tight before leaving with your client. Just like any jar, you can only avoid leaks by screwing the lid on tight.

Find out how much, how often and how long to apply cosmetic tattoo and microblading aftercare here.

Tattoo Goo is designed to assist in the healing process after cosmetic tattoo procedures and to preserve and restore pigment colour in the skin.

This product is vegan and can be used on your vegan clients.

Doesn’t rely on common main ingredients like petroleum (from crude oil) or lanolin (from sheep's wool).

This product has been tested on humans for allergy and skin irritation, not on animals. This means that any reactions in humans have more likely been caught before being sold.

Packaged in a squeezable bottle to make it easy to squeeze into a cup for clients to take with them.


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