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CLEARANCE ~ Tina Davies Lip Collection - Individual Blushes

This product contains each of the blushes contained in the Tina Davies I 💋 INK LUST Lip Collection and the Tina Davies I 💋 INK ENVY Lip Collection for individual purchase. 

There are 12 blushes in total, each matching a pigment in the LUST or ENVY Lip Collection. This not only means that your clients can try on their preferred shade before committing to the procedure, they can also purchase their chosen shade of blush as the perfect take-home accessory to enhance the results.

SOFT RED - A deeper value red pigment that will add coolness to any lip

PINK CORAL - A middle value warm pink-orange pigment

PERFECT PINK - A middle value-neutral pink pigment

PEACH - A middle-value warm pigment

ORANGE CORAL - A middle value warm orange-pink pigment that will add warmth to any lip and cancel cool tones

FLAME - A deeper value pure orange pigment that will add warmth to any lip and cancel cool tones

WINE - A dark value very cool pigment

PINK ROSE - A deeper value-neutral pink-red pigment

MAGENTA - A middle to dark value pink-purple cooler pigment

DUSTY PINK - A light-to-middle value cooler pigment that yields a very soft, neutral outcome

NUDE - A lighter value pigment that yields a very soft, neutral outcome

CINNAMON - A light-to-middle value warm pigment

I 💋 INK LUST and ENVY Lip Collections from Tina Davies

The LUST and ENVY Lip Collections from Tina Davies feature a variety of modern, wearable shades, from everyday neutrals, warm corals, to deep berry tones. Elevate your consultations by allowing your clients to TRY IT with smudge-proof Lip Blush Stains before committing to a colour. DRAW IT using the matching highly-pigmented Lip Pencils, and INK IT with highly-concentrated pigments that are designed to deliver beautiful long-lasting colour. You can also offer the matching Lip Blush Stain to clients to apply post-procedure to boost their lip colour. With each perfectly matched step, your clients can feel good about committing to beautiful results that last.

Say goodbye to the old lip blush tattoo procedure, and hello to the new, redefined process.


For professional use only.

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