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Waxed Canvas Grocery Bag - Desert Brown

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Simple, stunning, and durable, the design is inspired by the traditional brown paper bag. Our canvas grocery bag is vegan-friendly and free of any animal-based materials such as leather or beeswax. As such, our product is biodegradable and free of any synthetic or plastic-based materials. This can be reused over and over—you never have to use plastic bags again.

Our grocery bag is versatile: big enough to hold your groceries and stylish enough to hold all your picnic goodies.


  • 160z Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas

  • Waxed Canvas Carry Handles

  • Industrial Strength-sewn


Fabric: 16 oz heavy duty waxed canvas, stain-resistant and easy to clean

Hardware: Industry stitching and seam work

Size: 30Wcm x 40Hcm x 15Dcm

Care: Brush or wipe clean with a damp rag