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How to dispose of your sharps

February 28, 2019

How to dispose of your sharps

Do you know what to do once your sharps container is full? Are you not using a sharps container at all?!

Most people don’t know how to safely and correctly dispose of their N&S (needles and sharps), it isso important to know what to do as incorrect disposal puts you, NSP staff, waste management staff and the wider community at risk. It can also lead to being prosecuted under broad "pollution", "litter", "public health" and "nuisance" provisions with a maximum penalty of $10,000.

Each state has slightly different laws and regulations regarding the disposal of sharps, but below are theAustralian best practice management of N&S requirements which can be followed in each state:

  • Containerisation of the N&S at source (ie., where the N&S becomes a waste product);

  • Use of containers that meet relevant Australian Standards (ie., colour coded, signed and strength);

  • Use of containers that are sufficiently sized for the expected waste volumes;

  • Containers are secured to prevent removal as well as access to contents;

  • Regular replacement of containers at locations;

  • No manual emptying of contents;

  • Managed in accord with the philosophy specified by State and Territory government agencies for N&S generated within healthcare facilities;

  • Disposal of container contents via a recognised treatment process (eg., those that are approved by State and Territory environmental agencies for N&S generated within healthcare facilities);

  • No landfilling of untreated N&S;

  • No disposal of N&S into domestic waste/recycling streams (ie., due to risk of needlestick injuries to waste contractor staff).

If you aren’t sure where to properly dispose of your sharps in;

South Australia:  Clickhere

Western Australia: Click here


Northern Territory:Clickhere


New South Wales:Clickhere


At Brow Shop, we can’t stress enough how important it is to follow regulations and laws, not only with sharps disposal but all other aspects of your business! Maintaining a safe environment for yourself, your colleagues, clients, waste management staff and the wider community should be one of your top priorities.

If you have any further questions about the correct disposal of your sharps, or anything else for that matter, get in touch!

-Love LJ!




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